Experts in plumbing

Gainsite Pty Ltd has been carrying out plumbing and gas fitting in the Bundaberg area for a period of 15 years. We currently employ around 25 staff with a extensive experience in a wide range of fields

professional help

We are on-call and available 24hours a day, seven days a week and would be happy to service any plumbing, gas, drainage or roof repairs or other plumbing or gas emergencies. Look for us in Bundaberg, Bargara, Childers and Gin Gin and other Widebay regions.

bathroom & kitchen equipment

Is your kitchen begging for a facelift?  We have a incredible range of high quality flat pack kitchens (all made to order from Australian Suppliers


Gainsite has extensive experience in the installation and maintenace of Domestic and Commercial Roofing and Guttering including


New Roofs

Installation of new Commercial and Domestic Roofs

Installation of Skylights

Installation of Spinning Ventilators


Roof Maintenance

Roof & Gutter Repairs to Commercial and Domestic Roofing

Roof Inspection Reports to Commercial and Domestic Roofing

Roof Replacements